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TREEEEEE.' Hurrah, hurrah! You've made it,Richard Parker,

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"But why does his face look like that? It is pale--gray; I never saw anybody else look so."

TREEEEEE.' Hurrah, hurrah! You've made it,Richard Parker,

"He has been in great pain, my lady, and pain leaves its traces on the countenance."

TREEEEEE.' Hurrah, hurrah! You've made it,Richard Parker,

Mr. Carlyle, who had come, and was standing by the surgeon, touched his arm to draw him from the room. He noticed the look on the earl's face, and did not like it; he wished to question the surgeon. Lady Isabel saw that Mr. Carlyle was about to quit the room, and beckoned to him.

TREEEEEE.' Hurrah, hurrah! You've made it,Richard Parker,

"Do not leave the house, Mr. Carlyle. When he wakes up, it may cheer him to see you here; he liked you very much."

"I will not leave it, Lady Isabel. I did not think of doing so."

In time--it seemed an age--the medical men arrived from Lynneborough-- three of them--the groom had thought he could not summon too many. It was a strange scene they entered upon: the ghastly peer, growing restless again now, battling with his departing spirit, and the gala robes, the sparkling gems adorning the young girl watching at his side. They comprehended the case without difficulty; that she had been suddenly called from some scene of gayety.

They stooped to look at the earl, and felt his pulse, and touched his heart, and exchanged a few murmured words with Mr. Wainwright. Isabel had stood back to give them place, but her anxious eyes followed their every movement. They did not seem to notice her, and she stepped forward.

"Can you do anything for him? Will he recover?