The home of Raglan mountain biking

Motu Trails

The Motu trails make for fabulous and varied riding and are well worth investing the time to complete the lot.

Motu 14We started our three day adventure with the Te Waiti Stream Track, a grade 3 track that starts behind Bushaven (yes, one ‘h’) a riverside camping ground with lodges that can cater to mountain biking groups. The track is narrow and large pampas grass makes for some interesting riding where it can be very difficult to see there the track ends and the edge of the many drop offs begin. The turn around point is the Te Waiti Stream Hut, where you may be given a cup of tea by a resting hunter. 13km return.

Day 2 we rode 20km on road from Bushaven to Opotiki for a fortifying coffee before enjoying the very well constructed dune trail which stretches for 11km East of the township. Motu 13The last 2o or so km are predominantly uphill on a narrow road hewn by hand from the rock face. It used to be the main trunk line between Opotiki and Motu and is a case of head down, bum up. The views are breathtaking and serve as good impetus.

We overnighted at Toatoa farmstay; homely accommodation run by the very hospitable Bob and Maxine Crowley in the Toatoa valley. Take the time to accompany Bob on his rounds on the farm and enjoy the beauty of the place and the many animals (including a tame deer).Motu 3

Day 3 started with a 13km ride to the start of the Pakihi track, a 20km ride of beautiful single track, and all down hill. The first half is wider and steeper than the bottom section, making for fast and exhilarating riding. Watch out for walkers. Mid point is the Pakihi Hut, a perfect spot for lunch and a swim. The bottom section runs close to the Pakihi Stream and requires more concentration due to rock fall and a narrow track. Needless to say, the scenery is stunning and it is worth regularly stopping the rapid descent to give it your attention.Motu 12

See www.motutrails.co.nz for more details on the tracks, accommodation, and bike and shuttle services.

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